Online PetStorian Facilitator Training and Certification Program
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Online PetStorian Facilitator Training and Certification Program


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Product Description

This is a blended educational model that includes self-paced web-based interactive content modules (expect to spend 3-4 hours working with the video materials) and 1-2 hours of live video conference coaching that you will schedule at key checkpoints in the program. The training combines lecture, individual writing exercises, and a practice presentation. You will experience all of the writing workshop modules as a participant and you are encouraged to complete your own pet story. A short knowledge test will be administered at the end of the program. You will need internet access, a webcam (built-in or free-standing,) and an audio headset (USB preferred) to participate in the program.

Orientation to the GoToMeeting Technology and access to the video segments will be scheduled in advance of the program.

Cost of training is $300.