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Every year thousands of pet owners unintentionally leave behind helpless pets without a safety net for their care and well being due to an unexpected emergency, disability or death. Most abandoned pets end up in local animal shelters with their fate unknown, or sadly, they are euthanized. Others go to family members who may not be able to afford the appropriate care for the pet, particularly horses, exotic birds or service animals with expensive or unique needs. Even worse, others may be left alone in their homes for days without care after their owner passes away or remains unconscious in a hospital because specific emergency plans for their care were never documented. Are you prepared should the unexpected happen?

My Pet Legacy Trust

Most pet owners don’t realize that the majority of states where they reside do not allow people to will money or assets directly to their pets. Furthermore, a Will of Inheritance states who will care for their pet, but does not provide funding for that care. So when the unforeseen situation arises, high-cost-of-care pets that live a long time like horses and exotic birds or special needs pets that require expensive therapy are particularly vulnerable because extended family members or friends cannot easily take on these tremendous financial responsibilities. A pet trust would address these challenges. – Joel Mullen, Estate Attorney

A Pet Legacy Trust is a legal document that designates who will care for your pet according to your wishes (the Pet Caretaker or Guardian) and who will manage the funds you have set aside for the care of your pet (the Trustee). We believe a two-person team is the best way to provide a balanced and reliable approach to ensure your pet’s health and happiness long after you are gone. It also clearly states your end of life decisions for your pet so your plans can be carried out in your absence. Furthermore, any funds remaining in the trust when your pet passes on can be designated in support of an organization of your choice, leaving a lasting legacy or memorial in your pet’s name.

Peace of mind and comfort comes from knowing your beloved pet will be in good hands should something happen to you or your family. A Pet Legacy Trust is an effective way to ensure that caring, loving people and adequate resources will be there to help your pet live a healthy and happy life in the event you are unable to carry out your responsibilities. It is now more affordable and less complicated for every pet owner to ensure proper care for their pets through a Pet Legacy Trust. We provide the tools, resources, and instructions to make the process user-friendly, manageable, and compliant to your state’s requirements. You simply provide the details to personalize the trust to your wishes and your pet’s unique needs. You’ll save significant time and avoid thousands of dollars of costly legal fees.

As the owner of a horse therapy and equestrian center in Wisconsin, we are often asked to take in horses that are either gifted to us or abandoned after their owners suddenly pass away. Unfortunately, because we are a non-profit, we often have to turn these generous gifts away because we don’t have the funds to care for these magnificent creatures. If only their owners had created a Pet Legacy Trust to provide the funding for the ongoing care of their horses, they would leave a wonderful legacy while creating a remarkable gift that keeps on giving. — Toni Mattson, Trinity Equestrian Center

Your Pet Legacy Trust includes a Pet Alert System to inform authorities of your pet and your trust in an emergency. It contains contact information for reaching the Pet Caretaker and Trustee.  One card is placed in your front window or door, the second card is carried in your wallet and the tags are worn by your pet. If the Pet Caretaker and/or Trustee contact information is not available, MyBPFF can be called toll-free to obtain this contact information.

You may also make changes to your Pet Trust or include additional pets with our affordable Maintenance Program.

Follow these four steps to order and complete your Pet Legacy Trust

Pet Alert Cards and Tag

  1. Select how many pets you will include in your trust — up to 2 pets for $350 or add $50 for each additional pet, plus shipping and handling for the final documents.
  2. Consider adding the Perpetual Maintenance Program to your trust and save hundreds of dollars over the life of your pet trust. The program keeps your personal and pet information current and you can make up to four updates to your trust. If the trust is not updated after critical changes it can become invalid. The Perpetual Maintenance Program is $100 and could save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the trust. (Find out more in the Common Questions section below.)
  3. Your Pet Legacy Trust kit will be mailed to you. It’s a fast and easy way to prompt you through the questions and process steps needed to personalize the trust to your wishes and your pet’s unique needs. Return the completed questionnaire and pet photos via postal mail or email.
  4. We create your custom Pet Legacy Trust and return it in a protective storage case with instructions to simplify the process of funding, filing, and maintaining your pet trust. You also receive our FREE Pet Alert System to notify authorities in an emergency so that your pets receive immediate care or are rescued during a fire or flood.

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Many residents within senior living homes can now enjoy a small pet to bring them comfort and companionship. Unfortunately, some seniors miss out of the many benefits a pet could bring to their lives because they worry that the pet may outlive them and they don’t want to leave a burden for their family. A Pet Legacy Trust would give them peace of mind knowing the appropriate care and funds are in place when they are no longer able to provide for their pet’s care. — Barry K. Baines, MD


Common Questions About Pet Legacy Trusts™

If you do not see an answer to your question from this link, please email us at and we will forward them to our team of legal professionals for a quick response.