Pet Sharing Bridge – original

Coming Soon!

Welcome! The Pet Sharing Bridge is your personal webpage to keep you connected with your pet lover community — both in happy times and in times when you need their love and support.

Do you have a pet who has won awards, does unique tricks, is your “furry child,” or simply makes you smile? All of these are great reasons to celebrate your best pet friend on the Pet Sharing Bridge. Share your favorite stories, memories and photos anytime with your pet lover community.

Has your pet been under the weather or recovering from a recent operation? No matter how far your pet friends and family live apart, keep them up to date through your Pet Sharing Bridge site. They can follow your pet’s progress and leave messages of support and love to help you through these difficult times.

Have you recently lost your beloved pet? While losing a pet can be as painful as losing a family member, you may find it comforting to share the stories and memories of your pet with your pet community. Story writing can also serve as a therapeutic tool to help your children overcome the loss of their sweet furry friend. It’s also helpful to welcome the support of family members and friends during and after the loss of your beloved pet. Visitors to your Pet Sharing Bridge can stay in touch when it’s convenient for you and leave messages of support and empathy.

Creating your Pet Sharing Bridge webpage will help you stay connected with your pet lover community and preserve the memories of your pet after he/she is gone. At any time, you can preserve all or portions of what you’ve written on your site along with your photos and comments from visitors into a beautiful pet story book, pet display, or memorial urn.

MyBPFF offers the Pet Sharing Bridge site as a free service to all members of our pet lover community. It’s easy to setup and you have total control over who to invite to your personal pet webpage and how often to add to your content. We’ll help you get started soon!

While we are adding the finishing touches to the Pet Sharing Bridge, cheering us on will motivate us to work even faster. Or send us your comments about how you plan to use your personal pet webpage – we love to hear from our pet lovers.