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Pet Stories Bring Your Photos to Life and Keep Your Pet Memories Close to Your Heart…

We love photos of pet-lovers and their pets, but photos tell only half the story. Writing your pet story has never been easier or more affordable. MyBPFF will help you professionally write, design and print a beautiful keepsake pet story book, display or memorial story urn to help you remember your best pet friend forever. You select the services that work best for you.

  1. Write your own story using our online story prompts and add editing and printing services if/when you need them through our Do-It-Yourself story writing option.
  2. Use our online guided writing workbooks with story prompts to share your memories and photos and our team will polish, edit and print your story through a variety of beautiful keepsake options.
  3. Or attend a local pet story writing workshops offered by our certified facilitators called PetStorians™ (coming to a market near you soon).

Pet stories and tributes are a wonderful way to:

  • Begin to emotionally heal after the loss of your beloved pet
  • Create a special tribute to celebrate the wonderful moments shared with your cherished pet
  • Help your children and family remember special memories of their best pet friend
  • Capture your loveable pet’s unique personality and accomplishments
  • Give a heartwarming gift to the pet lover who has everything

And when your pet story is finished, you can easily share a copy on your personal Pet Caring Bridge webpage provided through MyBPFF.

Begin your pet story now.


Inspiration for Your Pet Stories

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start with a blank sheet of paper. Here are a few paragraphs from three pet stories to provide you with the inspiration to write your own pet story. Add your favorite photos or illustrations and we’ll help you preserve your beautiful and heartwarming story to cherish forever.

Book cover: Winston the Mastifficent

We all gathered around Winston, holding his paw and kissing his sweet face as we said goodbye. Even in his weak state, our ever-obedient Winston gave Mark “five.” A few breaths later he closed his eyes as ours overflowed with tears. On June 16, 2009, Winston slipped peacefully away.

Winston, whenever we see the big puffy clouds go by, we will think of you sleeping on your big leather sofa in the beautiful blue sky, and waiting for the day when the Rainbow Bridge brings our family back together again. Until then, please watch over us and protect us as you always did.

We love you forever,

Mommy, Daddy, Bella, Delilah and Mocha

After my husband Gene’s untimely death in 1991, I’d been single-parenting my two daughters through junior high, high school, and off to college. Much to my surprise, things had gone fairly well. On my fifty-sixth birthday, as I was adjusting to yet another new step of living alone, the two arrived home with gifts. Bibliophile that I am, the first was a book about cats. As I thanked them and graciously paged through the well-illustrated volume, an almost inaudible meow emerged from one of my bedrooms. Around the corner and into my life pranced a small, blue-eyed, white creature, who immediately acted like she owned the place. A two-month-old runt of the liter, she had both Siamese and tabby genes. Her entire body fit into the palms of my hands. I had never before had a pet.

When Rose was only ten years old, the vet diagnosed her with lymphoma, and when her appetite waned and she could no longer jump onto my bed, I knew it was time for her to live more comfortably in another realm. Before arriving at the vet’s office for our final appointment, I took her to Clements’ Garden in St. Cloud, where the two of us sat on a bench in the sunshine. I petted her and told her she was still the most beautiful Rose in the world. She was, and I still miss her.


Pet Story Book Cover - Rose

Rosie was the smartest, fuzziest,cutest ball of energy we ever knew. We loved it when she waited in the yard for us to return from school. Although, we had to be careful not to let her lick our faces as she liked to chase and eat mice from the field as she waited for us to come home!

Brett loved how she liked to chase balls and bring them back to him. He hoped to bring Rosie to college when he got older. He would take her to all his baseball games and teach her to make sandwiches for both of them.

Zach loved sitting on the floor fuzzing Rosie’s soft head and playing with her in the swimming pool. She was such a great swimmer that on hot summer days, Mom would open the pool just to let her swim.

Unfortunately, Rosie only lived to be seven years old. On Mother’s Day weekend, she died suddenly of liver cancer. We miss her so much and hope she is happy swimming, chasing mice and running around in doggie heaven.

We’ll love you forever Rosie.

Zach and Brett


Resources for Writing Pet Stories

If you are interested in self publishing a longer, custom story about your distinguished pet, our preservation team can help you through all the steps and options. Contact us directly to discuss your needs and receive a personalized estimate.

Resources to Help you Overcome the Loss of Your Pet

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