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We’re a community of pet lovers sharing:

  • heartwarming pet stories to preserve the memories of our cherished pet companions
  • a support network and resources to help us overcome the loss of our pets
  • personalized services to help us create a meaningful tribute to honor our pets and service animals
  • critical services to help protect our pets should the unexpected happen
  • certified pet facilitators to assist in pet story writing and pet loss support
  • our time, talents and resources to protect and care for pets and animals everywhere

These are just some of the many ways for you and your pet lover family and friends to engage through our MyBPFF website. This is your community of pet lovers and your special place to share your pet stories and photos. We invite you to get started by utilizing our pet story workbook to help you create a pet story to honor and remember your beloved pet forever. Our designers can help you add photos to your story and create a beautiful keepsake story book, urn or display. Then share your pet story with friends and family on our Pet Caring Bridge.

You can also help us make a difference in the lives of pets and animals by making a donation to one of the three national non-profit organizations we support as a community.

Thank you for becoming a member of our growing pet lover community. We welcome your requests, comments and suggestions to help us shape, grow and personalize this site so that it becomes a valuable resource to you, your family and friends. And we look forward to hearing the stories about your pet family members and your cherished pet relationships.

About MyBPFF (Best Pet Friend Forever)

MyBPFF was launched in 2008 as the pet lover division of Celebrations of Life, a company committed to helping individuals and families share their values, wisdom and generosity through Legacy Journey services. The MyBPFF website and blog were redesigned in 2012 to make it easier for pet lovers to share their pet stories, find meaningful ways to overcome the loss of a beloved pet, explore ways to enrich their pet relationships, and learn about custom pet products and services to remember, honor and cherish their beloved pets. Pet lover members can also share their completed pet stories with their pet lover community using our Pet Caring Bridge.

The MyBPFF Pet Lover Team

Tracie and Sydney

Tracie Bluse Ward, President

An avid pet and animal lover her entire life, Tracie grew up in Northern Wisconsin and fell in love with a menagerie of family pets including frogs, snakes, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats. She also enjoyed visiting the neighbor’s farm animals and watching the beautiful wildlife that frequented her forty-acre backyard near Lake Superior.

Her family currently includes: Sydney the Aussie-Collie rescue pup; Sylvia the Garter Snake and her offspring; Dandy the Pheasant and his elusive mate; a family of deer (one fawn was born in her backyard last summer); a pair of Mallard Ducks and assorted fish swimming in her pond; lots of garden bunnies and birds; Zach & Brett her two college-age sons; and Jeff her pet-loving husband. She also adores cats, but refrains from bringing one home due to her family’s allergies. They all live happily together on a two and a half acre property near St. Paul, Minnesota.

Tracie began writing pet stories in 2008 to help her clients honor and remember their best pet friends forever. She is touched by how these heartwarming, personal stories continue to reveal the many wonderful facets of our human-pet bonds, and the deep sense of loss we feel when it’s time to say good-bye to our faithful pet companions.

Barry Baines and Suli

Barry K. Baines, Vice President

Although Barry grew up in Brooklyn, NY, pets and other creatures have been a part of his life since he was 5 years old. His childhood ‘pets’ included snakes, turtles, frogs, newts, parakeets (budgies), a caiman (an alligator that lived in our bathtub for a weekend!) and dogs. The celebrity was a descendent of Rin Tin Tin!

His constant running companion is a 10 year old American Water Spaniel named Suli, who never gets tired, but fortunately takes a lot of ‘bio breaks’ along the way.

As a hospice medical director for almost 20 years, Barry has seen the importance of the human animal bond for people living the last chapter of their lives. Pet therapy has become an important tool in relieving suffering and providing meaningful contact for many hospice patients. Barry’s personal experience of pet loss and grief provided the impetus to co-develop a pet story writing resource to help pet-lovers document and share the cherished memories of their pets while creating a tangible memorial or tribute to their beloved pets.

Pet Preservation Team

Our talented team of writers, editors, designers, printers, wood-crafters and artists are ready to assist you in creating a beautiful and meaningful pet story, memorial, tribute or gift.

MyBPFF Certified Facilitators

PetStorian® Training

Our pet story facilitators are trained and certified to bring pet story writing workshops to your local community. Find a PetStorian near you or join our team by checking out our PetStorian training schedule.

Pet Care Navigators

This new new pet facilitator service will be coming soon to provide pet story writing plus pet end-of-life decision support, pet funerals and more!

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