PetStorian Workshops

Our certified PetStorians will guide you through the process of sharing the sweet memories, stories and photos of your pet. You’ll complete a draft of your pet story by the end of the workshop or personal session. Your PetStorian can also help you find a meaningful way to preserve your story as a keepsake you will treasure forever.

Contact one of the PetStorians listed below to enroll in a writing workshop in your local community or to engage a PetStorian in individual writing services.


Find a Certified PetStorian Near You


Brenda Glanzer Lilliston
Brenda Glanzer Lilliston  •  Wichita, KS  •  316-644-7690  •  Website


Cindy Dubansky
Cindy Dubansky  •  Minneapolis, MN  •  612-308-0166

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